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My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

When Hannah’s mother and father took her to a brand new faculty, they stated it was to offer her a brand new begin. Nevertheless, Hannah is 11, autistic, and as a consequence of her situation, unable to talk. She had a twin referred to as Angel, however when Angel died, Hannah was forbidden to grieve by her abusive mother and father and punished when she sought consolation from her sister’s issues. Now Hannah lives locked inside a silent lifetime of despair, which she fears will quickly finish by the hands of her mother and father. Nevertheless, when a knife retains showing underneath her pillow, and a voice that she thinks is inside her head will not go away her alone, Hannah begins to understand that simply possibly, she could have an ally not of this world, however concern paralyses her. May or not it’s Angel, who from the ‘different facet’ has come to hunt justice for all of the abuse she has suffered? Can Hannah overcome her concern sufficient to let her in?

Genre: Thriller


Duration: 100 min

IMDb: 5.3